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 with Ronan Berder, the founder and CEO of Wiredcraft which helps the largest organizations in the world (Starbucks, the UN, World Bank) get things done. Listen to the lessons he gathered as a young entrepreneur; learn from his experience in business practices and routines in software development; explore with him where he sees his industry going in the future.

加入我们与Ronan Berder的炉边谈话,他是Wiredcraft的创始人兼CEO,服务于世界上最大的组织(星巴克、联合国、世界银行等)。听取他在最初创业时所收获的经验与教训;学习他在软件开发中的商业实践与案例;与他一起探索他所在行业的未来走向。

Time & Venue 时间地点 

7/27, Thursday, 7:00-10:00PM 

nakedHub@Fuxing Lu, 

3F, #1237 Middle Fuxing Road



Event Agenda 活动安排 

7:00PM        Networking, wine and light dinner 


8:00PM        Fireside chat and Q&A with Ronan


9:00PM        Discussion and networking


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About Ronan 嘉宾介绍 

Ronan Berder loves building things and help teams figure out the what and how. He is a jack-of-all-trades with proved expertise in development, design, management and leadership, equally comfortable leading teams, entire companies or contributing to UI and code.


Ronan founded Wiredcraft, a data science and DevOps company helping the largest organizations in the world get things done. They build things like the software running the elections in Myanmar or the infrastructure powering the business intelligence for the largest electronic manufacturer in the world.


Before founding Wiredcraft, Ronan works for Raincity Studios as production director. He managed the Chinese development team on local and outsourced project and organized communication with the clients and the other offices and partners. He also supervised the administration of the office: recruitment, admin, sales and spearheaded local community outreach.

在创建wiredcraft之前,Ronan在Raincity Studios担任产品总监,负责管理中国开发团队的本地及外包项目,并协调与客户、其他地区团队以及合作伙伴之间的沟通。他同时还管理着包括招聘、行政、销售在内的工作,并率先与当地社区建立起联系。

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Sponsor 赞助商

Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Innovation Center was solely invested and run by Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Development Corporation. As a business incubator, Innovation Center has committed itself to cultivating and supporting technology-intensive enterprises and promoting commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of scientific and technological achievements.


Partners 合作伙伴

About us 关于我们

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 1 million entrepreneurs in over 200 cities. In Shanghai, we've been trying to build up a community for entrepreneur since 2013.

Startup Grind是全球最大的独立创业社区,在200多个城市中积极地启蒙、激励和连接着约100万名创业者。自2013年以来,我们一直努力着在上海为创业者建立起一个社区。

Our Team 上海团队

Mia is on the investment team of a global healthcare tech leader. Previously she worked in Chinese outbound M&A. She has a passion for entrepreneurship. Mia任职于一家全球医疗技术领先机构的投资团队,此前工作于中国的海外并购领域,对创业充满激情。

Erik pursues his passion for the Industrial Internet as a Partner at IoT ONE. He helps companies develop and implement their Industrial Internet strategies. Erik是物联网公司IoT ONE的合伙人,对工业互联网领域充满热忱,帮助企业开发和实施自身的工业互联网战略。

As employee 40 in Mobike, Floriansweats hard for evangelising their solution across the globe, striving to provide a more sustainable means of transportation to the world.作为摩拜单车的第40名员工,Florian竭力在全球范围推广他们的解决方案 - 为全世界提供更加可持续的交通方式。

Rachel innovates through 3 angles: running her startup Lihaoma, leading Shanghai University's global entrepreneurship program and participating to Chinaccelerator Batch 11. Rachel热衷于创新:她运营着创业公司礼好吗,领导着上海大学的全球创业项目,并参与着中国加速的创新项目。

Joyce works at frog, striving to uncover user insights and translating them into compelling products, services and experiences for world class clients. Joyce任职于跨国设计与战略咨询公司frog,竭力发掘用户意见,并将其转化为引人注目的产品、服务和用户体验,服务于世界级的客户。

Simon co-founded Saucepan, an online-to-offline healthy food delivery start-up based in Shanghai that aims to bring more transparency to the food supply chain here in China. Simon联合创办了Saucepan, 一家位于上海的从线上到线下的健康食品外卖公司,旨在使中国食品供应链变得更加透明。

Event Recap 往期回顾

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Startup Grind Shanghai

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Date Time

2017-07-27 19:00 - Start

2017-07-27 22:00 - End

  • 中国 上海 徐汇区
  • 裸心社@复兴路,复兴中路1237号3楼